At CPG, we believe in simple behaviors that make fitness a sustainable practice in our lives. Over time, these behaviors create the habits that lead to our strongest, healthiest, happiest selves.

It’s our mission to provide you with the structure and tools to incorporate these four habits into your fitness practices:

  1. Habit #1 – Lift Heavy Things
  2. Habit #2 – Sprint (every once in a while)
  3. Habit #3 – Move A LOT
  4. Habit #4 – Remove Limitations

Let’s talk about what these four habits look like in the CPG training program.

Habit #1 – Lift Heavy Things

Lifting heavy things is central to CPG’s class structure and programming. During class, you will often hear our coaches reminding members that “strength is a skill.”  Deadlifts, kettlebell swings, getups and presses are some of the ways we work with our members to ensure that they’re honing their strength skills.

To us, lifting heavy isn’t just about creating more muscle or moving heavy items from one place to another, it’s about strengthing our joints and bones, improving our insulin sensitivity, and seeing what we’re capable of. Behave like a strong person by lifting (relatively) heavy stuff consistently and watch your self-confidence and motivation to be your best go through the roof!

Habit #2 – Sprint (every once in a while)

Ever notice how the sprinters at the Olympics have incredibly athletic bodies? They look strong and explosive because they consistently express strength & explosiveness in their training. All-out sprinting is one of the most effective ways to build lean muscle and simultaneously put your body into a fat burning state. It’s the ultimate full-body workout.

However, total recovery from sprinting sessions takes longer than other types of training. Keeping this regimen down to once or twice a week will help prevent you from becoming burned out or a victim of “chronic cardio.” Our conditioning classes are focused on full-out “sprinting” using the sled, battle ropes, fan bikes, rowers, and kettlebells!

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Habit #3 – Move A LOT

We lead very sedentary lives. We sit on our way to work, sit at work, and relax at home while seated. Movement is seriously missing from our lives!

We believe it’s very important to make sure that your day has breaks where you get up and move slowly. We are made for walking, playing and being outside! We evolved to be constantly moving around, not sitting! Consistent low-level movement builds our cardiovascular system and greatly enhances resiliency to life-stress.

We encourage you to walk to and from the gym, hop off the L one stop early and walk to your destination, or walk to the grocery store and farmer carry home your (primal) groceries for the week!

At CPG, you’ll practice behaving like a human that loves and is skilled with movement. As you gain confidence and control in your movement capabilities you’ll naturally start expressing more daily movement. Before you know it, you’ll be a full-blown urban hunter-gatherer 🙂

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Habit #4 – Remove Limitations

Thanks in part to our very sedentary lives, we often have limited movement in various parts of our bodies. When your body isn’t performing how you’d like it to on the day to day, it’s tough to motivate yourself to get to the gym to lift something heavy. Pain can seriously derail a fitness regimen.

Our coaches focus closely on the form that you use while you’re in the gym as well as how the way you hold your body affects your training. We are skilled at addressing pain and flexibility issues to ensure our members stay healthy. It’s not just about training to look better – your training program should make your body feel like a million bucks, too!

CPG is dedicated to making sure that you have the support, know-how, and structure to maintain these four pillars of fitness sustainability so that you can become your strongest, happiest, and healthiest self!

How are you incorporating these four actions into your life?

Are you getting a good amount of walking in, but not picking up heavy weights often enough? We can help with that!

Are you lifting heavy things, but feeling a twinge in your shoulder when you do? We can help with that, too!

If you need help putting the pieces of the training puzzle together, CPG is the perfect place for you! Reach out to a coach or email to set up a Functional Movement Screen or 30-minute Goal Setting Success Session with a CPG coach.

Strength to you!

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