Membership Options

Membership Options

As a member of CPG, you’ll develop a deep love of movement and strength through our educational approach to group fitness.

Further, you’ll gain access to an incredible community of growth-minded individuals. We’ll provide social outings, team competitions, challenges, and other events to help you feel supported and engaged.

We offer three membership options based on your desired training frequency (see below).

Primal Ninja

Primal Ninja is best for busy professionals, frequent travelers, or to supplement another training program.

Membership includes 9 sessions per month. Monthly rates start at $160.

Primal Hero

Primal Hero is best if you’d like to sustainably increase your level of fitness. This is our most popular option.

Membership includes 13 sessions per month. Monthly rates start at $200.


Primal Master

Primal Master is the best option if you’d like to achieve seriously remarkable results or if you just love kettlebells as much as we do!

Membership includes unlimited sessions. Monthly rates start at $250.


— We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee —

Membership Benefits

Excellent Training

Our training program is fun, progressive, and results-driven. You’ll learn how to move safely and effectively with the kettlebell, barbell, sled, and other equipment.

Each session is 60 minutes and includes up to 25 participants with two coaches. We believe this structure perfectly balances a group atmosphere with individualized instruction.

Social Events

Community plays a key role in a person’s ability to sustain a fitness program. For this reason, we organize many events to help our members have fun and get to know each other.

Previous events have included Cubs games, a dodgeball league, open bars, rock climbing, Blackhawks viewing parties, fundraisers, dance parties, and more. Our goal is to help you make friends and actually get excited about coming into CPG!

21-Day Challenges

We’ve earned national recognition for our challenges, which are innovative programs designed to build healthy habits in training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

We offer these programs multiple times every year and have consistently seen INCREDIBLE results from our clients. You’ll receive guaranteed entry, discounted pricing, and awesome digital resources.

Facebook Group

As a member, you’ll receive access to our “Primal People” Facebook group, which is a virtual community centered around health and happiness.

You can use this group to ask questions, share recipes, discuss events, or even find a player for your volleyball league. You’ll find that our members are friendly and always willing to help.

Primal Standards

We’ve spent years developing our own assessment system, which measures physical performance across 12 different categories. Our goal is to provide a clear path to consistent improvement.

Members get a chance to test these Primal Standards multiple times each year. This system is incredibly unique and only available at Chicago Primal Gym.

Team Competitions

We believe it’s important to train with a purpose. In addition to our challenges and Primal Standards, we offer several opportunities to compete in team events.

We’ve been a host facility three times for the Tactical Strength Challenge and also organize teams for the Spartan Race and other competitions.

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