what we offer

Group Kettlebell Training For Everyone.

If you’re looking to take your health and your fitness to the next level, and at the same time be supported by a fun and positive community, then look no further!

CPG offers a challenging and educational Team Training experience meant for all ages and skill levels. We’ve worked with weekend warriors to 75-year-olds and everything in between.

why we’re different

We Actually Care About Your Success.

Master The Basics

Your journey starts with our Primal Essentials course, where you’ll learn safe technique in two of the most effective exercises on the planet: the swing and the getup. You’ll gain confidence in your very first visit and we’ll continue to develop your strength skills throughout your time at CPG.

Progressively Build Skill

Real results don’t happen overnight – true fitness requires consistency. Our proprietary three-level Kettlebell Mastery training system maximizes safety and results by developing your skill over time and gradually increasing the intensity of your program. 

Enjoy The Journey

We are dedicated to helping you live a truly fit and healthy life, while at the same time providing a fun and inclusive community to inspire your best performance. You’ll receive amazing support from the Primal Tribe as well as Team CPG.

our memberships

The Best Value In Chicago.

Team Training Class Memberships

CPG’s Team Training classes offer a highly personalized group setting to achieve your fitness goals and have a blast doing it. Through our Strength Mastery System, you’ll progressively develop new skills and build confidence at your own pace. With our radically inclusive Tribe and a full selection of Strength, Conditioning, and Foundations classes, your experience stays fresh and challenging as long as you show up and do your best.

There’s also a good chance you’ll laugh a lot and make new friends. Starting as low as $14/class, we proudly claim to be the best value in Chicago!

Semi-Private Training Memberships

CPG’s spin on private training! Whether you’re looking to enhance posture and eliminate pain, rapidly develop your skill, or achieve a massive transformation, we’ll work together to design a 100% customized training plan to conquer your loftiest health and fitness goals.

Your training sessions happen in groups of three instead of 1-on-1, which means more laughter and is scientifically proven to make you more awesome. Starting at $45/session, Semi-Private is the ultimate investment in your long-term success.

membership benefits

“So Much More Than Just a Gym.”

Excellent Training

Our training program is fun, progressive, and results-driven. You’ll learn how to move safely and effectively with the kettlebell, barbell, sled, and other equipment.

Each session is 60 minutes and includes up to 25 participants with two coaches. We believe this structure perfectly balances a group atmosphere with individualized instruction.

Primal Challenges

We’ve earned national recognition for our challenges, which are innovative 4- and 6-week  programs designed to build healthy habits in training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

We offer these programs multiple times every year and have consistently seen INCREDIBLE results from our clients. You’ll receive guaranteed entry, discounted pricing, and awesome digital resources.

Nutrition Coaching

Have you tried different diets and cleanses without true success? CPG has partnered with the world leader in nutrition and lifestyle transformations: Precision Nutrition. Through PN’s ProCoach software, we’re able to coach CPG members through this world-class year-long curriculum designed to deliver permanent results.

Private Training

We offer completely individualized private, semi-private, and tune-up training packages. Whether you have more targeted training goals, are battling ongoing injuries/pain, or just want to accelerate your kettlebell skills, our private training options will fast-track your success. We have monthly packages and session packs available.

Social Events

Community plays a key role in a person’s ability to sustain a fitness program. For this reason, we organize many events to help our members have fun and get to know each other.

Previous events have included Cubs games, a dodgeball league, open bars, rock climbing, Blackhawks viewing parties, fundraisers, dance parties, and more. Our goal is to help you make friends and actually get excited about coming into CPG!

Strength Mastery System

We’ve spent years developing our own assessment system, which measures physical performance across the “Deep 6” kettlebell exercises. Our goal is to provide a clear path to consistent improvement.

Members get a chance to “level up” in Strength Mastery multiple times each year. This system is incredibly unique and only available at Chicago Primal Gym.

Facebook Group

As a member, you’ll receive access to our “Primal People” Facebook group, which is a virtual community centered around health and happiness.

You can use this group to ask questions, share recipes, discuss events, or even find a player for your volleyball league. You’ll find that our members are friendly and always willing to help.

Team Competitions

We believe it’s important to train with a purpose. In addition to our challenges and Strength Mastery, we offer several opportunities to compete in team events.

We’ve been a host facility five times for the Tactical Strength Challenge and also organize teams for the Spartan Race and other competitions.

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