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Real Results.

Over the past four years, our program has helped hundreds of Chicagoans discover a simple and repeatable approach to strength, health, and happiness.

We’ve helped members of all ages, experience levels, and training backgrounds enhance their life in every way. Rather than take our word for it, check out our testimonial video or head over to Yelp to see our collection of 5-star reviews.

“I came to CPG with zero weight lifting or real exercise experience but struggled through the hard part of getting started. I listened to the coaches, learned the movements and achieved some pretty great results (lost over 50lbs!). But what really keeps me coming back is the community! The fun I’ve had and the friends I’ve made are what it’s all about!”    
“Before joining CPG, health was not a priority for my family. I committed so I could change the future. It is the most amazing cult I have ever joined. The people are great and the coaches are phenomenal. I now look forward to kettlebell swinging as the best part of my day.”    
“My results are immeasurable and, ironically, completely measurable: lost fat, gained muscle, stronger, better, faster. But beyond that, and perhaps most importantly, strength in self. CPG is like the Speed to Crossfit’s Speed 2. They’re kind of the same, but the first is just so, so much better.”  
“It’s crazy to think that I was just trying to rest everything when I first met Sean. This has been my longest continually healthy stretch since I ended up with Epstein Barr & chronic fatigue. For a long time, I thought I was just going to have to deal with always feeling terrible and weak and that I’d have to give up competing at a high level. Putting in the time making me stronger, smarter about my movement and helping me manage my health was everything. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have CPG as a resource.”    
“When joining CPG I suspended my previous beliefs about training in the interest of mixing things up and (hopefully) seeing improved results. I always believed I needed to hit specific body parts with specific exercises, “x” number of times each week. I truly do feel stronger and have not done a traditional lifting exercise since the beginning of June. CPG is a supportive and well-coached environment where individuals of all skill levels can train and reach their fitness goals.
“Before joining CPG, I never knew that I had the ability to be strong. I knew I was athletic as a kid, but I’ve always been petite and never thought of myself as someone strong. You guys have completely changed that and now I’m always looking for my next challenge. It comes in handy in my daily life, too. I can haul way more groceries, carry Dylan on my back for hours, and even hit the jungle gym with my kids. Also, it’s an added bonus that I have the best abs of my life AFTER two pregnancies.”    
“I’d never trained with a group before so I was a bit skeptical when I joined CPG. Best move I’ve ever made for my health. I’m stronger and leaner than when I was at 20. My energy, mindset, and sleep have all improved. Looking back, I can’t believe I ever trained any other way.”    
“CPG is no joke a huge key to my overall mental and physical health and happiness. I’ve made awesome friendships outside of the gym with people I’ve met there. I feel that the coaches sincerely care about me and are aware of my goals. The coaches really care about wanting you to do things right and they actually check to make sure you are! You’re not left to figure it out on your own. My day is always better when I start it at CPG.”    
“Focus, high energy levels, great group of friends. I know you guys work really hard and consistently think about how to improve. It shows. Where in the past I usually had a few specific suggestions, I’m now coming up with nothing. CPG is a really special place.”  
“CPG is different from the gyms I have previously attended. You get specific instructions rather than trying to figure out how to use different machines on your own. The group classes push me to challenge myself more than when I work out alone. But the best part is how CPG has increased my self-esteem/body image. Focusing on strength as opposed to achieving a certain body shape has given me the freedom to actually enjoy working out. I now focus on what my body is capable of rather than my body’s imperfections and the results show.”  
“You guys are rockstars! I have been to many gyms over the years and nothing compares to the community, coaching and overall experience offered at CPG. Individuals can always find something wrong or in need of improvement with anything in life – though I must say I struggle to find that with CPG. You have proven you know what it takes to run a World Class gym/company by providing exceptional customer service, fun place to be and timely response to client questions/concerns.”    
“CPG is not your normal gym in any regards. You don’t have to worry about what training you’re doing for the day (which I like with my busy schedule). You’re not isolated nor forced to train at anyone else’s pace, yet get many benefits of group classes. I look forward to training sessions which have definitely improved my moods and outlook on my mental and physical health.”  
“My biggest takeaways I describe to people are: Outstanding and motivating coaches, accountability, 2 coaches on the floor at all times, proper technique taught first, great gym to help you get stronger, nice & like minded people to swing alongside, training for everyone of all skill levels. CPG helped me to get back in the game after being injured as I was afraid to push myself because I thought I would get re-injured. Training at CPG has helped me to regain the confidence to get out on the gym floor and GO!”  
“I have adjusted my eating and cooking habits to focus more on vegetables and less carbs, making healthy and nutritious food choices rather than eating a bunch of crap! I’ve also been excited and surprised to see how much I can lift or carry as a result of the class…carrying heavy water cases and suitcases are much easier now! My diet is honestly the thing that has changed the most, and for the better.”    
“I feel better than I have in years. I sleep better and am more productive during the day. Also, I haven’t been sick since starting at CPG (4 months now) and I’m convinced it has to do with clean eating and regular exercise. No colds, no flu, nothing. A colleague who I hadn’t seen for a few months recently commented how I “look fit” and inquired how I had done it with a road warrior’s schedule. To me, this is even better than people commenting on how “skinny” I look.”    
“CPG is a place where you will get quality instruction, have fun, and get strong. I have decreased my mile time by about 20 seconds and just generally feel stronger. Plus, I have more energy to meet the demands of two young children!”  
“Training at CPG shows me tangible results. Nothing keeps me motivated like seeing consistent progress and CPG delivers! I’ve gotten quite a bit stronger and have more energy. My cholesterol also fell dramatically as a result of the detox.”    
“It isn’t a “gym” in the stereotypical sense. It’s a gym which promotes living life through healthy ways. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and have adopted a way healthier life.”  
“In 5 months I’ve lost 15lbs and 5.2% off my body fat. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in… My cardio is great, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, my flexibility and balance is good and my back problems have gotten sooo much better. Everyone at CPG is friendly and you easily get to know people, which helps provide accountability.”  
“One of the best investments I have ever made. The training and community cannot be beaten. Working out has been changed dramatically for the better, and I have made some very close friends over the years that I’m very thankful for.”    
“Everything is better since I joined CPG. Stronger, better balance, greater mobility, decreased lower back pain. Everything. The members clearly enjoy being at the gym. It is smart, fun, challenging.”    
“I feel really good about my health/strength and I’m still sort of amazed when family, friends or co-workers tell me that I look strong or want to know more about my workouts.”  
“CPG is the only place where you can laugh while getting your ass kicked.”    
“CPG is a fun place to get fit with damn good coaching. I not only passed my StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor certification but felt totally prepared and confident due to the coaching and support at CPG!”  
“It’s not crossfit but CPG uses all tools to achieve the same type of workout. Most importantly, it’s part of the neighborhood and the community. CPG takes time for you to develop yourself according to their workouts, training is genuine and so are the people and you offer so much more beyond the kettlebells. I’m in better shape than some of my friends, my wife LOVES it, and I feel so much more confident in general”  
“CPG is an intimate gym with warm, friendly and fun members of all backgrounds and ages, with a coaching staff that is professional, passionate and motivating! I have more confidence in my strength and positive friendships that lift me up.”    
“The atmosphere and workouts are truly incredible. You’ll feel like going even on days you’re tired just because of how energetic the place is. The coaches here do a great job properly breaking down the exercises and workouts and helping out on an individual basis. In terms of progress, based on the kettle bell weights that I use now compared to when I started, I’m glad I chose to enroll here!”

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